Access Privileges

Access Privileges

Your account settings menu can be accessed at any time from the via the Main Menu item  Business  and then select  Settings. Access Privileges  forms part of Business Settings submenu.

Access Privileges Explained

QicWorks uses 8 set access levels. This covers the verity of levels required to use QicWorks.

These levels are as follows:

  • External User

  • Mobile App/Kiosk

  • Work

  • Manager

  • Financial

  • Payroll

  • Account

  • Administrator

Privilege Details

External User Privileges

  • Have no login details

Can access supplied information on the outside of the secure area

Mobile Only Privileges

  • Timeclock Access

  • My Timesheet

  • Digital Forms

Users that can only access the mobile application.

Work Privileges

  • My Profile

  • My Timesheets

  • My Job (Details)

  • My Messages

  • My Leave

  • Job Documents

  • Digital Forms

Users that can use both the mobile app and the website to access their data

Supervisor Privileges
Create/Edit Timesheets 
Create/Edit Shift Reports

Users are can use both the mobile app and wesite to manage individual or team time entries

Manager Privileges

  • Create/Edit Jobs & Tasks

  • Create/Edit Job Schedules

  • Create/Edit Rosters

  • Job Milestones

  • Job Costs

  • Job Documents

  • Job Financial Summary

  • Job Management Reports

  • Job Task Lists

Users that can manage work, this includes setting up jobs, rosters and schedules

Financial Privileges

  • Edit Unit Price on Job Costs

  • Financial Reports & Cost Management

  • Invoices, Expense, Order & Quote Management

  • Supplier Setup

Users that can manage all financial details

Payroll Privileges

  • Add, Edit & ViewTimesheet Entries

  • Add, Edit & View Staff details

  • Push To Payroll

  • Push To 3rd Party

Users that can only access timesheets and job costs

Account Privileges


Can do anything with the exception of closing the account

Administrator Privileges


Complete access to everything

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