Action: Add Classification

Action: Add Classification

QicWorks uses Classifications to group together common Resource types. Classifications are not the individual Resource names, instead it is the group in which to Resource will be costed by. Classifications are used to calculate the net cost and billable rates for each of your resources.

Classification examples include Boilermaker Level 2, Supervisor, or 5T Truck.

Classifications can be active or inactivated, as applicable.

You need to assign a Classification to a Resource for QicWorks to calculate that Resource's costs.
via the Net Cost Table
Click on  Business from the main menu, then click on Settings .   Click on  Cost Management  from the Financial Settings menu.  Click on View table from the Net Costs menu. Click on Add Classification from the Actions Menu.

via Classification Management Table
Click on   Business  from the main menu, then click on  Settings .   Click on   Cost Management   from the Financial Settings menu.  Click on  Classification  from the Types menu. Click on   Add New Classification from the warning bar.

Add Classification

Use the above navigation to access the Add Classification popup.

1. Click on Update Net Costs from the Actions menu.

2. Click on Add New Cost from the Actions menu

For details about the Add Custom Rate link see Custom Rates. For details abou the Add Classification link see Action: Add Classification.

3. Once clicked you will be asked what type of Cost would you like to add

A. Add Staff: Use this button when adding a labour resource. Clicking this button will direct you to the QicWorks Add New Employee page. For more details see Action: Add New Staff

Note: you will only be able to assign an existing Classification to this Staff member.

B. Add Other Resource: Use this button when adding another resource that you wish to capture time and schedule for ie equipment - Crane etc. For more details see: Action: Add Resource
C. Add Material:  Use this button to add a new material. For more details see: Action: Add Material to Pricing Tables

Don't forget to click Save to save your changes.  

For information about what is your Net Cost Table, see: Net Cost Table or Action: Update Net Costs
For information about your sell pricing tables see: Billable Cost Table or Action: Update Billable Costs
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