Action: Add Material to Pricing Tables

Action: Add Material to Pricing Tables

To capture the costs of materials used, consumed or resold on Jobs, the material must be listed within your Net Cost Table. Once entered the material will appear as Inactive in your Base and subsequent pricing tables. 

Materials can be added either as part of a bulk upload or individually. This help file will step you through the individual process.

For information about how to bulk upload materials see: Setup Wizard

Click on  Business  from the main menu, then click on Settings  . From Financial Settings menu click on Cost Management . Click on View Table under Net Costs (Buy) menu, then click on Update Net Costs from the Action side menu. From the Actions side menu click on Add New Cost .

Add Material to Pricing Tables

Once you have clicked on Add New Cost the following popup will appear.

Click on the Add Material button and then follow the following steps.

If you are looking to add an equipment item you need to select Add Other Resource . In doing so you can now collect hours of use as well as schedule the equipment within the Job Schedule and Task Planner.

  Name:  Mandatory *  Free text field to add name/description of material.
2   Net Cost:  Mandatory *  Enter the purchase price for this item
3    Billable Price:    Mandatory *  Enter the value this item is to be sold for. If this material is not being on sold enter $0.00
4   Charge/Frequency Type:   Mandatory *  Select from dropdown how this item be charged.
  Supplier:   Select Supplier from dropdown .
6   Code:  Text field to assign company code ie part number.
7     Unit of Measure (UOM):  Text field for unit of measure ie Length, m, each, roll etc
8   Save & Cancel buttons

Make sure to click the Save button to apply all changes.

Your material will now appear as Active within your Net Cost table. Click Save on this page to save this material.

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