Action: Add New Staff

Action: Add New Staff

Action: Add New Staff
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      As your business scales, there will no doubt be times when you will need to add new items to your Net Cost Table. The Net Cost table is your price list that shows you the actual cost you have incurred to engage a particular classification or ...
    • Staff

      Manage all contact details and delegate access permissions for your Staff from this landing page. Use this site to collect personnel details for your staff regardless of if they are permanent employees or hired through an employment agency. Once ...
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      QicWorks uses Classifications to group together common Resource types. Classifications are not the individual Resource names, instead it is the group in which to Resource will be costed by. Classifications are used to calculate the net cost and ...
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      Once a Task has been created materials can be added.  Materials are tangible goods that can be assigned to a Task. QicTip Assigned - is allocating materials to a job without committing their costs.                   Think of this as you have picked ...