Action: Create Purchase Order

Action: Create Purchase Order

A basic purchase order will detail the quantity, price, delivery date and description of goods or services to be bought.

QicWorks purchase orders can also include your terms and conditions of purchase, specific delivery address and/or instructions, details on where the supplier should send their invoice and material specificications. QicWorks purchase orders also need to include financial details such as the Work Breakdown Structure code or Task the costs are to be allocated to and the Chart of Account and Tax rates applicable. All of these details are then used to prepopulate your Bills and Delivery Dockets when matching them to this Purchase Order.

Another handy features of QicWorks Purchase Orders is the ability to add markup against each line item. This markup is used to determine your Billable Costs. Simply review the default markup, for that particular WBS node and edit as applicable.
Via Business Menu

Click on   Business   from the main menu, then click on   Purchase Orders.  From within the Actions Menu, click on  New Purchase Order or click on the New Purchase Order button. 

Via Job Menu
Click on    Job    from the main menu, then click on  Job Management.  Click on the blue hyperlink  Job number   to open that specific Job.
1. Under Bills menu click on  Purchase Order , or
2. Click on Financial then under Bills menu click on  Purchase Order . Click on Create Purchase Order button

Create a Purchase Order

Both of the above navigations will open a new purchase order ready for populating. Simply fill out the follow sections:

 Purchase Order Header: Includes details such as dates, supplier, delivery instructions and references.
B   Internal Information This section has been designed to capture internal information. Supplier does not see these details.
C    Purchase Order Items: Click Add to enter description, quantity, price and cost information.
D   Purchase Order Footer: Use preset footer details or manually update. These notes are seen by the Supplier.
E    Save, Push & Cancel Buttons

See below for full details pertaining to  A  - Purchase Order Header Details

 Hea der Details

   Field Name
    Purchase Order ID
    Mandatory *   Purchase Order reference number. This is a unique sequential number. It can be overriden if set under Account Settings. For more information see:  Prefix Codes
    Select Job
     Mandatory *  Dependant on how you navigated to this page, the job number will be prepopulated or empty. Click in dropdown to select relevant number.
    Mandatory *  Click in dropdown to select Supplier. Or click on Add New Supplier to create new.
   Prepopulated contact details as set by Supplier selected. Type to enter additional information.
    Prepopulated contact details as set by Supplier selected. Type to enter additional information.
    Delivery Address
    Prepopulated based on organisation setup. for more information see: Organisation
    Delivery Instruction
   Free text field to enter delivery instructions.
    Date Raised
    Mandatory *  Default set as today. Click in field for calendar popup to change.
    Delivery Date
    Mandatory *  Enter date delivery is required by. Click in field for calendar popup to change.
   Free text field to enter reference details ie drawing or quote number
    Mandatory *   Preset during Account Setup
  Click Browse files button to upload any attachments for this order. (These attachments can be selected as part of your invoice attachments when invoicing.)

See below for full details pertaining to  B  - Internal Information 

 Hea der Details

   Field Name
    Invoice Customer
    Tick to add the purchase order value to your Billable Report ready for customer invoicing. 
    Show Price
     Tick to include pricing details on purchase order. . 

   Untick to hide prices - ie order value is $10,000 but you don't want supplier to know this detail.
    Admin Notes
  Free text field for internal notes

See below for full details pertaining to  C  - Purchase Order Item

Click on the Add button to expand and add an item. Once first item is entered, click add button to continue adding lines/items.

 Purchase Order Item Details

   Field Name
    Start typing to select item code (internal part number) from Pricing Tables. By entering this code, the item's description will prepopulate.
    Free text field to enter the item's description
    Quanity of item to be purchased
   Unit of Measure for this item ie each, roll, m
    Unit Cost
   Cost per unit for this item
   Discount applicable for this item. Discount is entered as a percentage not value.
   Total value of this item
    Delete Icon
   Click delete icon to delete line
   Select how you wish to cost this item ie assign to a WBS or particular Task.

By selecting Task, QicWorks will automatically use the WBS assigned to the Task for Job Costings.

If the WBS has both Rates and Quoted financial values a toggle switch will appear for the user to select applicable rate.
  Once the WBS has been selected, QicWorks will enter the default mark up value for that WBS. Users are then able to override this value if required.
  WBS Category Dropdown
   Allocate the cost of this purchase to Purchases, Indirect or Direct Labour, Subcontractor, Equipment or Material within your Job Financial reports.
   Chart of Account
   Select applicable Chart of Account. This is used to prepopulate your Bills and Delivery Dockets. Entering a Chart of Account is mandatory to push the data to your accounting software.
   Tax Code
   Select applicable Tax Code.  This is used to prepopulate your Bills and Delivery Dockets. Entering a Tax Rate is mandatory to push the data to your accounting software.
   Prepopulated if Task has been selected, alternatively click and select Department from dropdown. Departments are used to breakdown your financial reports.

See below for full details pertaining to  D  - Purchase Order Footer

 Footer  Details

   Field Name
    Supplier Notes
    Free text for any additional notes.  These are visible to the Supplier.
    Terms & Conditions
   Can be prepopulated by text as set in Organisation settings
 For more information see:  Organisation

   This field can also be manually updated.

Don't forget to click Save to save your changes.  

QicWorks has introduced Save + New plus Push + New button options to help save time.
Note: Xero's API does not allow QicWorks to push Purchase Order attachments to Xero.
For more information about how to view, edit or print your orders see: Action: Edit, View or Print Purchase Order
For more information about bulk purchase orders see: Bulk Purchase Order

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