Action: Create Qualification Record

Action: Create Qualification Record

Creating a Qualification record allows user to upload their external training or medical history. Examples of training records is EWP ticket, trade qualifications, site inductions or vacination records.

Training records show in the compliance table alphabetically with Training Courses. It is recommended that if you have a lot of training courses and records that you use a prefix within their name ie IND - for inductions, QUAL - for qualifications.

Click on Modules from the main menu, then click on Training. Click on the Qualifications & Records List panel. From the Actions Menu click on Create New Record

  1. Enter the documents name. This is a mandatory field.
  2. Requires a reference number? Toggle to on for User to enter the documents reference number.
  3. Requires an issuing authority name? Toggle to on for Users to enter the authority or training provider name that issued the document.
  4. Requires an expiry date? Toggle to on for Users to enter the documents expiration date.
  5. Make this document active? Toggle to on to make this document available for Users to record data against.
  6. Click Save.
This training document will now appear within your Required Documents table.

For more information about which documents are active see Qualifications & Records
For more information about how to request this document  from a User see Action: Create Training Session
For more information about where to view all valid training records see: Compliance Matrix

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