Action: Create a WBS Cost Structure

Action: Create a WBS Cost Structure

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Cost Structure is used to calculate and report Job values.  Your WBS Cost Structure is made up of nodes - parent and child nodes. Costs will settle against child nodes or the parent node (if no subsequent child nodes are made.)  All costs allocated to child nodes then roll up to its respective parent, which in turn rolls up to the Job total.

Every Job must have a  WBS Cost Structure assigned to it.
Changes to your WBS Cost Structure will effect data entry going forward. Historical Job time and cost entries will not be impacted by this change.

QicWorks allows you to create up to 6 child nodes under your parent nodes
WBS Cost Structures can be created manually or use our import template to upload your WBS
Click on    Business    from the main menu, then click on    Settings   . From the Financial Settings menu click on   WBS Management  . Click on Add New from the Actions menu.

WBS Cost Structure

A    WBS Name: Mandatory * Enter the name you wish this Cost Structure to be called
B    Default Toggle: Toggle to make this your default WBS Cost Structure
You can only have 1 default WBS Cost Structure

C    WBS Status: Toggle to make active/inactive
  Save & Cancel buttons
E    Import Template: Download template, populate and import for fast creation. See Import WBS below
F    Legend: Icons depicting node status
G    WBS Builder: Manually create or edit your WBS Cost Structure here. See Manually Create WBS Cost Structure below

Import WBS

Use the Import WBS Cost Structure functionality to upload your WBS.
Click on the page help icon   within QicWorks to watch our Import WBS overview video.

1.  Download the WBSImport.xlsx template

2 . Open the downloaded template

3.  Update the template and save.

4. Return to QicWorks and click on Choose File

5. Click on Import Button

6. Override? Click Yes to proceed. No to cancel this import

7. If yes, your data will now upload.

Manually Create a WBS Cost Structure

Use the WBS Builder to manually create or edit your WBS Cost Structure.
Click on the page help icon   within QicWorks to watch our Manual WBS creation video.

1. Click on the + button to add nodes.

2. Click in the name field to edit. Use your enter key to save this data

3. If applicable, click in the Non billable checkbox to enable these costs to appear on Non Billable reports.

4. If applicable, click in the Procurement checkbox to set this node as a Procurement Package

For more information about what a Procurement Package is see: WBS Procurement Package

5. Click on the + to create a child node for this node. Then repeat steps 2 - 5 to update

6. Alternatively, click on the + to create another parent node. Then repeat steps 2 - 5 to update.

Tool Bar Icon Listing

A    Expand: Click to expand your node levels ie show child nodes under parent nodes
B    Collapse: Click to collapse your node levels ie hide child nodes under parent nodes
C    Undo: Click to undo last action
  Redo: Click to redo last action
E    Indent: Click to indent this node ie make a child of predecessor
F    Outdent: Click to move/promote this node
G    Delete: Click to delete this node
If the node being deleted is a parent, all of its children will also be deleted
H    Toggle Fullscreen:  Click to increase or decrease the page width
Click in a node, hold your shift key and click in another node to batch update.
To make a node a child to the parent - click and drag the nodes onto parent and drop
To move move nodes down - click and drag the node above the node to move down and drop
Double click in the node name to edit that node
Make sure to click Save to update your changes. 
For more information about WBS Cost Structures see: WBS Management
For more information about sorting your Actual and Billable Reports by WBS see: Report: Actual Costs and Report: Billable Costs
For more information about how to create a Job see: Action: Create a job 

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