Action: Edit Staff Details

Action: Edit Staff Details

Staff details can be edited by accessing that personnel's file from the Staff Management table. 

Data contained within each staff members profile can be individually entered - manually, entered via bulk upload or through synchronisation with your accounting software.
Note: Do not make any changes to the Staff Members first or last name of Account email address if you wish to push payroll data to your accounting software. These three (3) fields are used to match/identify your employee.

Click on  Business  from the main menu, then click on  Staff.  Click on the Staff Members hyperlinked name and then click on Edit Staff Details from the Action Menu.

Edit Staff Details

Once you have accessed this screen you will be able to add, amend or delete personnel data.

Items of Note:
  1. Company - use this field to identify the resource (labour hire) company that this individual is hired through. Simply type in the company field and hit enter to save a new company name.
  2. Classification - this field is used to identify the Resources Classification. This classification is the staff member's 'default.' A resources classification can also be changed to reflect a particular job. For more information about how to change a classification see our Troubleshooting Ticket
  3. Organisation - this the entity that this staff member is 'paid by.'  If you are operating multiple accounts within your accounting software, the QicWorks organisation selected here is matched to the corresponding accounting entity for seamless payroll processing.
  4. Reference - This is a free text field whereby you can enter a unique/internal employee reference number.
  5. Gallagher, Pegasus and Damstra ID's - these fields are used to store employee site access card numbers.  If you have activated the QicWorks Safety module, you will be able to automatically cross check time on site compared to timesheet entries.
  6. Employees USI - this field is used to store an employees Unique Student ID.
  7. Account Email v's Business Email - the account email is used to log users into QicWorks. It is also the unique identifier when pushing this staff members payroll data to your accounting software.  The Business account is used as a contact reference on QicWorks purchase orders, expenses, invoicing and quotes.
  8. Emergency Contact Details - These details are used to generate our Emergency Contact report, which is used to list emergency contact details for personnel assigned to a selected jobs.


Here you can set a Users access permission level.

Each QicWorks account is setup with standard account access levels.  For full details on what users have access to or how to you can edit these standard settings to suit your account requirements see: Access Privileges

Users are automatically assigned a unique system generated password when their data is synchronised/pulled from your accounting software.  This password field can only be edited for the user, by that user once they have signed in. (To edit their password a User needs to access their User's Profile page, by clicking on their Avatar - top right of screen.)

Pin codes are used to clock in and out of the QicWorks Timeclock (Kiosk Mode.) These 4 digit pin numbers are computer generated and can not be changed. (This is to prevent multiple account users from setting their pin to 1234 or 1111.)

Account administrators are able to resend a Users Welcome email, if a User has misplaced their login credentials.  To resend a Welcome email, navigate to Business>Staff>Click on the Staff Members name> Click on the grey View button located 2/3 down page and then click on the Green Email button.


Here you can set how a User wishes to receive their notifications (Examples of notifications include in app push notifications, Roster updates, training reminders, creation of new jobs etc.)

Simply tick to select: email only, SMS only or both email and SMS.

Staff Status

Simply toggle between Not Active and Active to set a Staff Members status.

Your Staff Management table can be filter to show Past Staff (these are deactivated Users) and Current Staff (your active Users.)

Remember: Deactivated staff members are removed from your subscription, no longer have access to your QicWorks account but their data is not deleted.

Don't forget to click Save to save your changes.

For information about how to pull staff details from your accounting software: see Connections
For information about how to manually add staff members see: Action: Add New Staff
For information about how to enter pay data to streamline your payroll processing see: Action: Payroll Details
For information about viewing leave history for this staff member see: Action: Leave Details
For information about viewing time records for this staff member see: Action: Logged Time
For information about setting mobile app permissions for this staff member see: Action: Mobile App Functions
For information about setting webserver permissions for this staff member see: Action:  Setting Staff Permissions

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