Action: Time Approval

Action: Time Approval

Using the Managers Time Approval ensures your time enteries and subesquent job costings are accurate.  In order to keep your costs up todate, we recommend that Managers approve their team's time entries daily.

Any time values that have not yet been approved appear in the Job's Actual and Billable cost reports highlighted orange.

Find out more in our blog:  Super Easy Timekeeping with QicWorks

Click on  Jobs  from the main menu, then click on  Time Approval Filter this page as required ie date range, Job Owner, resource company etc. To approve individual times you need to then click on that  Resources name and then click on the Review & Edit button .


  Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen
Toggle Page  Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width
C   Resource Details: Resource name, classification and date of time entry
Original Time Records: Hyperlink to open the records this time entry was collected by ie Time Clock, Timesheet and Shift Report
  Edit Time Records : Click in grey box(es) to edit shift start, shift end times and unpaid breaks
  Remove Breaks: Tick to remove any preset breaks entered via the Pay Rule from this time calculation
G   Total Hours Worked: Auto calcuation of total hours worked based on E and F . This value must equal S in order to save
H   Task Notes & Allowances: Tick to show any Task notes and/or Allowances, as entered via Timesheets
I    Change Task Order: Click to drag and drop this time entry to change how the job is costed, based on Charge Rate, when Pay Rule is run
  Task Name: Use the dropdown to select a different Task that you wish these costs to be costed to
Note: Any changes made here do not change the orginal time record. It will how ever break the link to that time record when you are in Job Billable, Actual and Profit reports.

K   Classification: Use the dropdown to change the Resource's classification for this Task
Rate: The Charge Rate is auto calculated from the Pay Rule for this Task. Use the dropdown to manually over ride the Charge Rate. See  Rates below for further details
Actual Hours: The amount of actual time spent completing this Task at this rate. If this value is manually overridden here, it will automatically update the Actual Job Costs
Billable Hours: The amount of time that will be billed to the customer for completing this Task, at this rate. If this value is manually overridden here, it will automatically update the Billable Job Costs, in preparation for invoicing
O   Delete Icon: Click to delete this time entry
P   Allowance Name: Name of any Allowances added via a Timesheet or Shift Report
Q   Allowance Quantity: Number of Allowance units added via a Timesheet or Shift Report. For more information about Allowances, see Allowances
R   Allowance Control Button: Click to Add an Allowance or Delete this Allowance

S   Breakdown Total: This is the sum of Actual and Billable hours above
T   Warning Bar: The warning bar is visible if there total values at G and S   are not equal
U   Add New Task button: Click to add another task
V   Review Notes: Free text field for capturing internal notes
W   Save & Cancel buttons
X   History & Notes: Click to expand and show any internal review notes or history of any changes made to this time entry


Managers also have the ability to manually override the charge rate for this Resource, for a specific task. Simply click on the downdrop down and select the new applicable rate.

General Information

   Field Name
    Process by Rules
   Selecting this option will set QicWorks to run the time entry through the applicable Pay Rule.
    Override Pay Rules
    N Time
  Charge rate will be overridden as Normal Time
    1.5 Time
  Charge rate will be overridden as Time and a half
   2.0 Time
  Charge rate will be overridden as Double Time
   2.5 Time
  Charge rate will be overridden as Double Time and a half
   {Custom Rate 1}
  Charge rate 1 will be used. For more information see Custom Rates
   {Custom Rate 2}
  Charge rate 2 will be used
   {Custom Rate 3}
  Charge rate 3 will be used
    No Cost
   This time entry will appear in the Job's costings as No Cost with a zero value
For more information about the QicWorks Timeclock, see  App: Timeclock
For more information about QicWorks Shift Reports, see  Action: Create a Shift Report
For more information about QicWorks Timesheets, see  Action: Create a Timesheet
For details on the next step for approving times, see Payroll Approval

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