Navigation Explained

Navigation Bar

Your Main Menu or Navigation Bar looks like the following:

A . Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first page that appears when you log in to your QicWorks account. From here, you are able to see an overview of your payments as well as Navigation and Action menus with quick link to some of the most commonly used functions available.

See Dashboard for more detailed help related to this section.

B . Forms

Forms is our very own digital form builder and data collection platform.

Form Management

Form Submissions

Create a Form

Dataset Management

C . Jobs


Job List



Task Planner

Time Clock Entries

Time Approval

Cost Approval (under development)

D . Modules


Under Development

Human Resources
Risk Management
Inventory Management
Asset Management

E . Business

Business Overview


Work in Progress

Estimates (under development)



Credit Notes

Purchase Orders


Time and Attendance




     Unassigned Emails



    Receipt & Dockets

F . Create

A centralised point from which you can create a new object of the following:

Short Cuts

  • New Timesheet
  • Shift Report
  • New Job
  • New Invoice
  • New Purchase Order
  • New Contact
  • New Staff

G . Notifications

Check your alerts

H . Help

Help Center

Community Forum

Support Tickets

Chat with support

Invite Support

I . Account

My Profile



View a summary of your profile and edit details of your account

View and edit your account settings

Sign out of your QicWorks account

See Account Settings for more detailed help related to this section.

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