APP: Logging in

APP: Logging in

The first time users log into the QicWorks companion app they will be asked for the following information:
  1. Account ID
  2. User Name
  3. Password
Your login credentials form part of your QicWorks Welcome email.

To add a staff member to your account or resend their Welcome email see: Staff 

 Account ID: The account ID is case sensitive and unchangeable.
 User Name: Your unique email address used to create your identification.
C  PasswordThe password assigned to your Username.
D  Remember Me: Tick for the device to remember your login credentials.
E  Forgotten Password: Click to resend your login credentials via email or SMS (as set in your account profile).
F  Login Button: Click to complete log in.
G  Account Signup: Downloaded the app, but don't have an account? Click to register.
Your account ID only needs to be entered once.
On second and subsequent logins the device will remember this number, and only ask for user name and password.
Installation of the Application
When you first login you will be asked to be patient while the application loads up the data for the first time. This synchronisation is pulling the details for all available jobs and forms assigned to that User. It is also setting the application up in accordance with the account App Settings ie if you are able to capture receipts, purchase orders, timesheets, how time is collected etc.

You will then be presented with your Home screen.

For more information about what features can be activated by the app see: Mobile App Settings
For more information about navigating around the app see: Navigation Explained
For more information about who has access to account via the app see: Download the App & Permissions

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