Why can't I log in to QicWorks


Here are a few solutions to help you log in to QicWorks.

We've found that most users can't log in because they've either forgotten their password, forgotten their email, or have received an error message.

Q. What to do if I forgot my password?

Your password will be the one you set when you created your password from your Welcome to QicWorks email, or it will be the one you set the last time you reset your password if you've reset your password since initially being invited to QicWorks. If your password still isn't recognised, here are some common solutions to resolve most forgotten password issues:

 Make sure the password you're entering has all QicWorks password requirements:-

Must be at least 8 characters

  1. Must contain at least one upper case character

  1. Must contain at least one lower case character

  1. Must contain at least one numeric character

  1. Must contain at least one of the following special characters (! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + ` ~ ' " , < . > / ? [ { ] } \ | ; :)

Turn off caps lock: Check to see if your caps lock is on. For your security, QicWorks passwords are case-sensitive, so if your password is correct, but some of the characters are in the wrong case, QicWorks won't be able to log you in.

Triple check your password: Did you change your password recently? Did you enter it one character off? Make sure you are typing in the correct password.

Does your company use a Single Sign On (SSO) solution to sign on? See the following articles on how to log in with your company's SSO solution. If you don't know if your company uses a SSO solution, contact your company's QicWorks Administrator.                               

If all else fails... click the Reset your password link under the login form to reset your password. Once you do this, you can log in with your new password.

 Q. Forgot email?

If you can't remember the email address you last used to log into QicWorks, we recommend that you contact the QicWorks Administrator for the company's account. This person can look up your user account information in the Company Directory tool and provide you with the correct email address.

If that isn't an option, you may send an email request to support@QicWorks.com. To open a request, your email must include the following information:-

  1.  Your full name.

  1. The name of the company that owns the QicWorks account you are trying to log into. 

  1. The name of the QicWorks project(s) that your account had access permission to work in.


For security purposes, please be aware that when you email support@QicWorks.com for assistance, you will be required to answer additional questions. Your responses will be used for identify verification:

If the information you provide matches the information we have, QicWorks may be able to provide you with the email address.

If the information you provide does not match the information we have, QicWorks cannot provide you with the email address.

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