Bulk Upload Sheets

Bulk Upload Sheets

Use our bulk upload sheets to expedite the imput of legacy data. Our bulk upload sheet can be found within the Setup Wizard and will upload everything to you need to run your QicWorks Business Management system.

Simply download our excel template, populate, save and import. We recommend you read the help items found on the second tab within each upload document.

You will notice that some of the fields within our templates are mandatory or require selection from the prepoulated dropdowns.

Grey fields are mandatory
Peach fields contain dropdowns
Green fields must match values in the upload sheet

If you have any problems  at all simply contact support at  support@qicworks.com

QicWorks also uses secure API with accounting software and may be able to pull your data across insead of bulk uploading.

For more information about how to upload your bulk import sheets see: Setup Wizard
For more information about API integration partners see: Connections

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