Can I do a Shift Report for multiple Jobs?

Can I do a Shift Report for multiple Jobs?


Can I do a Shift Report for multiple Jobs?


Shift Reports are used to capture real time costs from within the field. 

Shift Reports can only be completed for a single Job. This is due the additional functionality of a Shift Reports whereby Users are able to collect job and task percentage complete, milestones and materials used. These items are then directly linked to other QicWorks features such as the Job Schedule and Task Planner.

If you do require a single document to capture time across multiple jobs, then we recommend you use the QicWorks TimeSheets or TimeClock features.

For more information about how to create a Shift Report see: Action: Create a Shift Report or APP Action: Create a Shift Report
For more information about how QicWorks captures time records see: Time & Attendance

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