QicWorks is a stand-alone software application, which means it does not need to be bundled with any other applications in order for it to operate. However we know that many of our users would like share or transfer their Job data to their document storage or accounting software packages.

QicWorks utilises the latest in secure API integration to seamless push/pull data between your software applications.

We connect with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks, as well as storage providers such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Click on  Business  from the main menu, then click on  Settings  All of our secure API integrations are listed within t he Connections Menu. 

Xero Integration

By integrating with Xero, QicWorks can pull

  1. Staff details
  2. Contacts (Suppliers and Customer)
  3. Chart of Accounts
  4. Pay Categories - including allowances, leave and pay codes
  5. Tax Codes
  6. Staff Leave balances
  7. Tracking Categories (Departments)

We also push invoices, bills, purchase orders, debtor and creditor credit notes and your payroll created in QicWorks back to Xero for reconciliation. We also have the ability to send all attachments associated with these documents as well. Talk about a great time saving feature!

For details on how to connect with Xero see: Xero
MYOB Integration

Now you can import your Chart of Accounts, Staff, Pay and Tax Codes. Invoices created in QicWorks will export to MYOB and any Expenses, Bills or Purchase Orders loaded in QicWorks will export as Bills to MYOB.

QicWorks can also directly export line by line Payroll to MYOB for processing.

Note:  Unfortunately, MYOB API does not allow for any attachments or daily start and finish times to push through.

For details on how to connect with MYOB see: MYOB
Intuit Quickbooks Integration
Similarly, to Xero and MYOB, QicWorks will pull your account setup data and push your invoices, expenses and payroll details back to Quickbooks for reconciliation.

For details on how to connect with Quickbooks see: Quickbooks
Dropbox Integration

QicWorks integration allows us to automatically create our document management structure (or job folders) and subfiles within our clients Dropbox account. This means that any documents that are stored in QicWorks automatically upload to Dropbox.

QicWorks file structure includes:

  • Customer
  • Expense
  • Invoice
  • Job
  • Quote 
  • Purchase Order
  • Staff

For example; a file that has been uploaded to the QicWorks Job folder for Job JB000041 will appear in that folder within the Dropbox environment. Alternatively, if you save a file externally to your Dropbox account but within one of our QicWorks document folders, it will also be accessible from within QicWorks.

For details on how to connect with Dropbox see: Dropbox
Google Drive
Similarly, to our integration with Dropbox, QicWorks offers mirrored reciprocal access to your documents. That is files uploaded direct to your QicWorks folder in Google Drive are accessible within QicWorks, as well as files saved in QicWorks are also stored and accessible from your Google Drive account.

For details on how to connect with Google Drive see: Google Drive

To find our if your interaction was successful see: Connection Events

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