Action: Create a Job

Action: Create a Job

Job creation is easy with QicWorks. Jobs can be created manually or you can utilise your Job templates. 

Simply enter details as applicable to create a new job.  We recommend that to get the most out of the QicWorks platform, jobs should be constructed in accordance with our minimum requirements found here:    Job & Task Cheat Sheet .

Read on for more details or watch our overview view for practical examples.

For details on setting up a Rates job see How do I set up a Rates Job in QicWorks?
For details on setting up a Quoted job see How do I set up a Quoted Job in QicWorks?

Click on  Job  from the main menu, then click on  Job Management . To create a New Job simply click on the  Create New Job  link under the Actions Menu on the Job Management screen.

 Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen
B   Toggle Page Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width
C   Job Table Filters: Select how you wish to filter the data within the main Job Management Table
D   Action Menu: Select what action you wish to preform
E    Create Job Page: Enter your new Job details here
F    Show Help Tooltips: Click to show field help information
G   Cancel: Click to close Help Tooltips

Contained in this page is:
General Information

  Field Name
    Job Number
    Mandatory * QicWorks will automatically assign a generic job number to your job. This can be overridden by clicking on the       O verride checkbox. To find out more see: Prefix Codes . There are no character restriction on your job number, however it 
   must be unique.
   Select Template
   Select from your previously saved Job Template from the dropdown. To find out more see: Action: Create a Job Template            Alternatively leave blank to create this job from fresh.
   Job Name
   Mandatory * Free text field to enter a unique job name
   Job Description
   Enter a description for this Job
    Mandatory * Select a customer from the dropdown who will be invoiced for this work.  Click Add New Customer to create a
   new Customer account.
   Select a Customer Contact from the dropdown. If the name is not in the dropdown, simply type the name.
   Select the Customer Site from the dropdown. If the name of the site is not in the dropdown, simply type the name.
   This is a free text field to enter your own reference.


    Field Name
   Job Status
   Mandatory *   Select Job Status from the table below
   Select WBS 
   Mandatory *   Select which WBS structure this Job is to use. To find out more see: WBS Setup

Job Status explained!
Planned:  Job is in planning mode and has not been released to the users yet
Available:  Job is available to allocate time and costs to. It can be seen on the App. Schedule, Job Assigner and Planner.
On Hold:  Job is on hold and cannot have time or costs allocated to it. It is NOT visible on the App, Schedule or Job Planner. On hold jobs are shown on the "On Hold" tab within the Job Assigner.
Completed:  Users cannot see or book time or costs to job, but financial Users can still invoice and settile costs.
Closed : The job is closed with all financials settled.
Cancelled:  The Job is 'deleted' from all financial reports.

   Field Name
    Mandatory *   Select which organisation this Job is for. To find out more see: Organisations
   Select Job Owner
   Select the Job Owner from the dropdown

    Field Name
   First Task Name
   This will prepopulate with the Job Name. To change simply type over the top
   How is this Job charged?
   Select how this task will be charged
   Customer Order Number
   Free text field to enter Customer Order Number. This number is referenced when invoicing

Don't forget to click Save to save your works.

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