Create an Account

Create an Account

QicWorks is a J ob Management software solution that has been

designed for businesses with complex rate structures across multiple workfronts.

It can be used either as a standalone product that will collect field data to calculate job profitability in real time. Coupled with the inbuilt training module, you will be able to manage transient staff and their training requirements ensuring site compliance, all while allocating them to your current job schedule.

As an integrated solution QicWorks uses bi-directional communications to ensure data is entered once and then pushed or pulled between applications for accounting (Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks,) safety and/or document management and storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Zapier)

The first step to using QicWorks is creating an account! This guide steps you through how to create an account using the portal.

If you already have a QicWorks account but need help logging in; go to  Logging In


  1. To register for a QicWorks account; go to  Account Registration

  2. Fill in  all  required fields as shown

First Name

Enter your  given  name

Last Name

Enter your  family  name


Enter your preferred phone number. This field can be a personal mobile or office phone number.


Enter your preferred email address. This field will become your QicWorks account username for future logins. You  must  have access to this email inbox as conformation will be sent there exclusively.


Create a password using a combination of letters, numbers and cases.

Business Name

Enter the name of your  primary  business. If you would like to use QicWorks for other sub-businesses or related entities, this ability is available in your singular account. For more detailed information; see  Organisations .


Select your country of operation from the drop-down list.

Be sure to agree to the  terms privacy  and  offer details  as well as perform the  reCAPTCHA  to complete your registration

3. Click the Register to finalise your registration. Check your inbox for a conformation and welcome email.

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