Data Flow: QicWorks and Xero

Data Flow: QicWorks and Xero

API data flows between QicWorks and Xero help securely transfer your business data between applications. QicWorks has the ability to pull and push speficied data, either instantly or overnight allowing you to get on with running your business.

Visual of Dataflow

Dataflow Status

All data pushed from QicWorks will appear in Xero in "Draft" status for final approval. This occurs when you push your Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bills, Expenses, Credit Notes and Payroll.

QicWorks will only pull "Active" data from Xero. This will occur when pulling your Staff, Chart of Accounts, Contacts, Tax Codes, Pay Categories, and Tracking Categories.

Timing of Dataflow

QicWorks and Xero can push and pull your data at different times. It all comes down to which data you are trying to synchronise. Pending no data errors QicWorks will push/pull your data at the following intervals.

Push on demand (Instant)

Invoice, Purchase Order, Bill, Credit Note, and Expense

Individual User Payroll

Group Payroll


Pull on demand (Instant)

Chart of Account, Tax Codes, Pay Categories, Staff, Contacts, Tracking Categories,


Automated Pull (Overnight)

Leave Balance update – at midnight your nominated Pay Date (This date is set in QicWorks under your Account Settings.  It is the day that you physically undertake you Pay Run.)

Invoice Payments that occurred in the last 24 hours.

For a comprehensive list of connection errors see: Xero API Connection Errors

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