Event Management

Event Management

Investigations should focus cause and not blame! 
Don't focus your attention on a single cause, as often there are multiple factors that contributed to the incident.

Your recommendations should focus on prevention, with key learnings being able to be applied to other business practices and personnel.

QicWorks HSEC module allows Users to link their Event Form with and existing Injury Form and/or Incident Investigation Form. Your Hazard/Near Miss and Incident Investigation Form can also be linked with your Event Form. These links then appears as a hyperlink within view/pdf modes for easy referencing.

Click on  HSEC  from the main menu, then click on  Event Management.

Event Management Table

Manage all your Events from within the Event Management table.

A   Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen
B   Page Toggle Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width
C   Data Filters: Click to filter Mangement Table by All, Draft, Issued, Closed. Default is All.
D   Actions Menu: Click create New Event or review Event Register
E    Definitions button: Click view definition help
F    Page Help: Click to view help for this page.
G    Show entries :  Change the view settings to Show 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or All entries
H   Export Tools : Download table to pdf,  xls, csv or print formats.
I     Search:  Click in the Search field and enter search criteria to find data from within the Event Management Table
  Event Management Table: Overview of Event details

Contained in this table is:
 Investigation Table

   Field Name
    Date and time Event was reported
    Event Number
    Sequential number for these reports.
   Event Title
    Name of Event
   Report Type
   Report type ie Report only, Injury, Hazard, Equipment or Environment damage
   Status of this Incident ie Open or Closed
   Number of Attachments. Click icon to view attachments
    Choose from View, Edit or Delete this Incident Investigation

Creating an Event Record

1.  Click on the Create New Event from the Actions menu.

A   Form Header: General information about this event. See below for full details.
B   Add Additional Information: Click to expand to add external reference and reported to fields
C   Description: Free text field to add detailed description of event.
D   Immediate Actions Taken: Free text field to add details of immediate actions taken.
E    Attachments: Upload sketches, images, documents etc
F    Rate Event:  Tick to select the Event Type and Actual and Potential levels of event.
G    Sequence of Events: Free text field to enter dot point time line details.
  Corrective Actions: Free text field to enter corrective actions, assign priority, responsible person, due date and close out. Use Add Corrective Action button to add more.
Corrective Actions are then used to populate your Event Register
I   Event Review: Enter Reported by and Supervisor details, signature and date of signing
J   Manager: Add Manager name, date and time and work centre. Use Add Manager button to add more.
K   Management Review: Enter Management comments, Responsible Line Managers name, signature and date/time of signing. Are further investigations required? Yes/No
L   Follow Up: Check points to record if this was a High potential incident, If lost time was recorded,  A one pager was sent and the Events status.
M  Save & Cancel buttons
Don't forget to click Save to save your changes. 
See below for full details pertaining to   - Form Header Details

 Header Details

   Field Name
   Event Title
   Mandatory * Enter short title for Event
   Free text field for detailed description of Event
   Report Type
   Use dropdown to select report type ie Report only, Injury, Hazard, Equipment or Environment damage
   Event Type
   Use dropdown to select event type ie Near Miss or Actual
   Date/Time of Incident
   Mandatory * Click in field to activate calendar to choose date/time of Event 
   Recordable Injury
   Select from Yes/No
   Date Reported
   Mandatory * Click in field to activate calendar to select reported date/time
   Recordable Event
   Select from Yes/No
Mandatory * Use the dropdown to select the Job/Task this form is for.

   Note: Only Jobs/Tasks marked as Available will show.
   Mandatory * This field will prepopulate based on Job/Task selected or use the dropdown to assign.
    Reported by
   Name of person reporting Event. This field is feed from your Staff table.
    Equipment Involved
   Free text field to enter Equipment involved.

Editing an Event Report

1.  Click on the  Event Number  or pencil  edit  icon under Control.
2.  Review data and edit as applicable
. Click Save to save your changes.

Don't forget to click Save to save any changes made

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