Expenses are Supplier invoices received for goods and services that you have purchased without issuing a Purchase order for like Staff reimbursement, use of the company credit card or utilities invoice.

Expense Status explained!
Draft:   The Expense is in draft mode and costs have not been assigned to your Job Costings.
Unpaid:   Payment details have not been entered for this Expense.
Partially Paid:   A partial payment has been entered for this Expense.
Paid:   The Expense has recorded payment in full.
Cancelled : The Expense has been cancelled and costs have been removed from your Job Costings.
The costs associated with your Expense will be assigned to your Job Costings as soon as you Save or Push the Expense.

All expense details are collated here regardless of whether the Expense was created via the companion app or webserver. (Expenses captured by the companion app need to be processed first. For more information on how to process these Expenses see: Action: Processing Receipts & Dockets  )

QicWorks will push your Expenses to your accounting software in Draft format.

Click on   Business   from the main menu, then click on   Expenses .  

Expense Management Table

  Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen.
B   Toggle Page Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width.
C   Data Filters: Filter the Expense table by All, Draft, Unpaid, Partially Paid, Paid or Cancelled (Default view is All.)

Action Menu :  Click to Create an Expense or click Unassigned Expense to process expenses that have come in via the companion app.
E   Totals Bar View the current values based on order status of Draft, Issued, Receipted and Total.
F    New Purchase Order button:   Click to create a new purchase order.
G    Help Icon: Click on the book icon to open page help.
H    Show Entries Change the view settings to Show 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or All entries.
I      Search:  Click in the Search field and enter search criteria to find selected data from within the Purchase Order Management Table.
J   Expense  Management Table. 

Contained in this table is:
General Information

   Field Name
      I D
   Expense ID number. This is a unique sequential number. It cannot be overriden.
   Expense reference number.
    Name of Supplier expense was issued by
   Assigned Staff
  Staff member this expense is to be reimbursed to.
   Docket Date
   Date of Expense.
   Due Date
   Date Expense is to be paid by.
   Amount (inc GST)
   Value of Expense including GST
   Paid (inc GST)
   Amount Paid against this Expense including GST
   Expense status.

   Number of attachments and link to view
   Integration connection status.

     - Document has not been pushed to accounting software
     - Document has been successfully pushed to accounting software

Qic Tip
Click on any blue hyperlinks within the Expense Management table to open then particular Purchase Order or Supplier details.

For information about how to create an Expense see: Action: Create Expenses
For information about how to edit, view or print an Expense see: Action: Edit, View or Print an Expense
For details about how to create a Delivery Docket see: Action: Create a Delivery Docket for an Expense 
For details on how to create a Credit Note for an Expense see: Action Create a Credit Note for Expense

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