Find Job or Task

Find Job or Task

Need a quick and easy way to find a specific Job's status? Can't remember what Job number that Task was for? Head over to our Job & Task List and utilise our easy search function to find all the answers.

Click on   Job   from the main menu, then click on   Job Management  .  Click on the   Find Job or Task   link under the Actions Menu on the Job Management screen.

Find Job or Task

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C   Export Buttons: Click to Copy, Print or export table data to Excel, csv or pdf format
D   Show All:  Change the view settings to Show 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or All entries
E    Search:  Click in the Search field and enter search criteria to find a particular entry within the Job & Task Table
F    Job & Task Table: List view of all Jobs and their matching Tasks

Contained in this page is:
General Information

   Field Name
    Job No
   Job number and name
   Job Status
   Status of this Job
    Matching Task number and name
   Task Status
    Status of this Task

Job Status explained!
Planned:  Job is in planning mode and has not been released to the users yet.
Available:  Job is available to allocate time and costs to. It can be seen on the App. Schedule, Job Assigner and Planner.
On Hold:  Job is on hold and cannot have time or costs allocated to it. It is NOT visible on the App, Schedule or Job Planner. On hold jobs are shown on the "On Hold" tab within the Job Assigner.
Completed:  Users cannot see or book time or costs to job, but financial Users can still invoice and settile costs.
Closed : The job is closed with all financials settled.
Cancelled:  The Job is 'deleted' from all financial reports.

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