How can I change a Resource's Classification?

How can I change a Resource's Classification?


I have a Resource who needs their classification changed.  How can I do this?


There are a number of ways that Resources can have their Classifications changed within QicWorks. 

First we need to ask a couple of questions
1. Is the change retrospective or for future works?
2. Is this change ongoing or temporary (job specific)?

We recommend that you make any changes to your Resource's classifications prior to recording time/starting the job, as this will save you time in the long run as well as ensure your data is clean. However we know that sometimes this can't be done.

To change Classifications AFTER a time entry has been entered can be done a couple of ways.
1. Unlock the time entry ie timesheet or shift report, make the change and then relock the time entry. All financials will then be update to reflect.
2. If Allow Classification Changes has been marked as Enabled within your Account Settings, then you will be able to change the Classification within the Time Approval screen. 

Both of these ways will only change that specific time entry.

Classifications can also be changed BEFORE time entry have been entered.
1. Navigate to the Resource table within Cost Managment. Find the Resource's name and click on the hyperlink to edit. Update and Save. This is the new Classification for this Resource for all new Jobs going forward.
2. If the change is for a specific Job/Task, then navigate to that Job and click on Task View. Open the specific Task in View mode and change the specific classification.

For more information about what is a Classification see: Classifications

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