How do I add new Staff member(s) to my QicWorks account?

How do I add new Staff member(s) to my QicWorks account?

I have a new starter. How do I add them to my QicWorks account?


Firstly, congratulations on the appointment of a new staff member! Exciting times.

To add a new User to your account, simply follow the following 5 steps.
1. Enter their details 

A - Pull details from your Accounting Software

We recommend that you first add their payroll details to your accounting software and then 'pull' your Staff details across to QicWorks. QicWorks uses the staff members first name, last name and email address as their unique identifiers when pushing their payroll data. Setting them up in your accounting software first ensures matching data.
For details on how to pull your Staff details see: Connecting to Xero or Connecting to MYOB 

B - Manually Create a New Staff Member

For full details, see: Action: Add New Staff

2. Assign their classification

Your staff member then needs to be assigned a classification so their Net (buy) and Billable (sell) rates can automatically be calculated.
For more information see: Resources

3. Update Payroll Details within their Staff Profile

You will then need to confirm their employment type and allocate applicable paycodes to the new User.  Don't forget to check out and confirm their permissions while you are here.
To confirm employment type and pay codes, see: Action: Payroll Details
For more information about access permissions, see: Action: Setting Account Permissions and Action: Setting Staff Permissions

4.Update your Job & Task Templates (if applicable)

If you are using Job and Task Templates to create your Jobs, it is advisable that you update them to include this new resource, so that they are automatically assigned to any new Jobs/Tasks created.
For more information about Job or Task Templates, see: Templates

5. Allocate your new Resource to existing jobs.

A quick way to do this is to utilise our Assigner tool, whereby you can drag and drop the resource name directly onto any Tasks they are to be assigned to.  Don't forget to click Save to retain your changes.
For more information see: Assigner

Alternatively you can edit the assign the Resource to applicable Jobs/Task by editing the specific Task.
For details about how to edit an existing Job's details, see: Action: Edit a Job

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