How does QicWorks capture employee reimbursements?

How does QicWorks capture employee reimbursements?

Does QicWorks capture employee reimbursements?


Absolutely. Expenses paid for personally by employees can be entered into QicWorks either via the companion app or webserver/desktop applications. 

When users select 'Reimbursement' as the Expense type (and the Expense has been marked as Issued) the details will appear against the identified job's costings, as well as your Reimbursement Report. Found under Business>Detailed Reports

Creating Expense via Companion App

These expenses will then appear under Unassigned Expenses ready for approval/issue. (Found under Business>Expenses>Unassigned Expenses.)

Creating an Expense via webserver/desktop:

Navigate to Business>Expense>Create Expense:

The field "Expense Type" is an information only field. If you select credit card for example QicWorks does NOT push this expense to your credit card bank account for reconciliation.

For more information about expenses see: Expense
For more information about how expenses appear in your job costs see: Edit Billable Costs

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