How can I change organisations for a Staff member?

How can I change organisations for a Staff member?


I have a staff member who has now charged to a different organisation. How can I change their organisation?


Changing a staff members organisation is easy. But there are a couple of things to note:

  1. The change will take effect during the current pay period (not "current/open pay run"), and be active for all records going forward.
  2. All previously set pay codes for this resource will clear under their Staff pay profile. You will need to then go into that Staff members Pay Details and select which paycodes from the new organisation are applicable.
  3. All leave requests past and future, that were allocated to that Resource when assigned to the old organisation, will be deleted within QicWorks.
  4. Any past time records for this Staff member prior to this change, will not be editable once this change has occurred.
  5. This change is recorded under this Staff members history.
To change a Staff members organisation:
1. Simply head over to the effected staff member;
Click on  Business  from the main menu, then click on  Staff . Click on the staff member name then click Edit Staff Details from the Actions side menu.

2. Click on the Change Organisation button.

3. From the dropdown menu select the new organisation and then save.

4. You will now need to navigate to this Staff members Payroll Details. Click on Show all pay codes and then tick appropriate Paycodes for this individual and save.

You will now be able to post this team members times to your accounting software for payroll approval.
Don't forget to click the  Save  button to apply all changes.

For more information about approving time entries see: Time Approval and/or Payroll Approval
For more information about setting up staff pay details see: Action: Payroll Details
For more information about connection errors to third party software see: Connection Events

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