I have a suggestion. Where can I tell you about it?

I have a suggestion. Where can I tell you about it?

I have a suggestion or idea on how we can improve QicWorks. How do I tell you about it?


We love receiving feedback about how we can provide an easy-to-use job management platform with the flexibility you need to manage your engineering, construction, fabrication or site installation business. 

That is why we have created our Product Wish List. 

This is a running list of customer ideas and improvements that the QicWorks development team use to identify, manage and prioritise our product roadmap for new releases and updates.

Access our Product Wish List

To access it, simply log into QicWorks and click on the grey ? help icon located next to your Avatar – top right of screen. Navigate to Community Forum and then sign in via the My Area Tab. 

Once you have logged in, click on the Community tab where you will be able to see existing suggestions and ideas. You can even use the “Search Community” search bar located at the top of your screen, to see if your idea has already been previously submitted.

Add An Idea

To create/lodge a suggestion or idea simply click on the plus icon and choose Submit a Ticket. Here you can enter in the specifics of your request. Don’t forget to include any screenshots or URL links that might help our developers.

Vote or Comment on a Suggestion

To cast your vote against existing ideas, simply click on the Idea filter. You can also join the conversation by clicking on the specific idea, enter your comments using the dialogue box and then submit via the Add Comment button.

We are extremely grateful for your feedback, insights and ideas. So please keep them coming, as they drive us to continually improve QicWorks functionality and user experience for everyone.

For more information about how we priorities the release of your suggestions see: QicWorks Product Wish List

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