Job - Invoice

Job - Invoice

    QicWorks includes the ability to view all invoices that have been costed to a particular job, from within that Job. 

Click on   Job   from the main menu, then click on   Job Management  . To view a particuar job simply click on the Job's Number  from within the Job Management Table. Click on Financial. Under Invoice Menu click on  Invoices .

Invoice Table

 Invoice Totals: Value of all invoices issued to date.
 Create Purchase Order: Click to create a new purchase order for this Job.
C   Show entries Change the view settings to Show 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or All entries.
D    Search:  Click in the Search field and enter search criteria to find a particular Purchase Order from within the Purchase Order Table.
E   Invoice table: List view of all time entries relating to this Job.

See below for full details pertaining to  E  - Invoice Details

Contained in this table is:
General Information

   Field Name
    Number #
   Invoice number
   Reference number as entered on Invoice 
    Supplier Name
    Amount (exc GST)
   Invoice amount excluding GST
    Amount (inc GST)
   Invoice amount including GST
   Invoice Date
    Date Due
   Date Payment is due
   Amount paid to date
   Invoice value less payments to date
   Current status of invoice
   Click to view invoice attachments. Number denotes how many attachments are associated with this invoice
   Hover to see if this order has been successfully pushed to your accounting software.

Invoice Status explained!
Draft:  The Invoice has been created but is in draft format. It has not been released yet to Customer.
Un-paid:   The Invoice has now been sent (manually or automatically) to the Customer. Value will appear in financial reports.
Paid:  Payment has been received for this invoice.
QicTip:  Click on the blue hyperlinked Number # to open that invoice.
For details on how to create an invoice see: Action: Create Invoice
To view all invoices regardless of which Job they were allocated to see: Invoices

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