Job Pricing Bar

Job Pricing Bar

Being able to see your critical numbers at a glance, via our Job Pricing Bar allows users to quickly review the job's progress.

When users open a existing job they will notice a blue financial bar on the top of the Job Overview and Financial screens.  This pricing bar offers a quick overview of how your job is progressing financially. This data is also used to compile the your Job Profit Report and Job Costing Reports (cost and hours), found under Business> Detailed Reports.

You may have noticed that throughout QicWorks we like to give our users as much flexibility and customisation as possible. As such users can activate and deactivate which tiles they would like to see within their job pricing bar.
Click on   Business    from the main menu, then click on   Settings   . From the Work Settings menu click on    Job & Task Settings   .  Then click on  Job Pricing Bar. 

Job Pricing Bar Management

A     Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen. 
B    Toggle Page Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width. 
C    Message: Click to view your internal messages
   Navigation Menu: Click navigate to other Job & Task Settings.   
E    Tile Activation: Tick to select which job pricing tiles you wish to view on your pricing bar.
F    Save & Cancel buttons.
Don't forget to click Save to save your changes.  

Tile Setting Details

The following methods are available for calculating Job percentage complete.

Fixed Cost

This is the quoted value of your job as set in the Job's Financial Setup. This value includes your job markup.


Uses the Billable value for the rates component of your works. The Billable value uses your selected Billable Pricing Table to calculate material and labour costs, plus any external purchases. There are no markup or overheads included in this calculation.


This value is calculated on all works (Quoted and Rates) and uses the Net Cost Table and hours worked plus the cost value of any materials or expenses. It is the total of your Actual costs as shown on the Job's Edit Billable Cost report.

The Actual value includes your Overhead percentage as set during financial setup.


The value of this Job to date, if the job was to be charged as a rates (do and charge) job. Having access to your Billable value allows you to compare your Quoted value is competitive and profitable. Your Billable cost is calculated using the selected Billable Pricing Table that was selected during job setup. It is the total of your Billable costs as shown on the Job's Edit Billable Cost report.

Job Value

The total value of the Job ie Quoted tile value plus Rates tile value

Actual Hours

This is the total numbers of Actual hours spent on this job.

Job Budget

This is the total numbers of hours and value you have budgeted for, as entered during the Job's Financial setup. This tile is handy if you have set number of hours or value in which to complete this job.

Open PO Value

Tile shows the value of your unreceipted purchase orders that have been raised against this job
For example: 3 purchase orders have been placed for a total of $10,000.
$7,500 of goods/services have been received to date.
The Open PO tile will show a value of $2,500.

To find out what items are still to be receipted use our Expediting and Commitment Reports found under Business>Detailed Reports

Invoice Outstanding Value

This tile shows the value of works that has not been invoiced to date.
For example: Your Job value is $15,000.
3 progress invoices have been sent to the total value of $12,000.
The Outstanding tile will show a value of $3,000.

To find out which hours have not yet been invoiced see our Non-invoiced Time Report found under Business>Detailed Reports

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