Job View

Job View

Use this job overview screen to give you a complete overview of your entire job.

Click on   Job   from the main menu, then click on   Job Management  . To view a particuar job simply click on the Job's Number (blue hyperlink) from within the Job Management Table.

 Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen
Toggle Page   Wi dth: Click to increase or decrease the page width
C   Navigation Menu: Click to blue hyperlinks to access these pages
D   Action Menu: Select what action you wish to preform
E    Report Menu: Click on blue hyperlink to access this report
F    Bills Menu: Click on blue hyperlink to access Purchase Orders and Expenses for this Job
G    Financial Blue Bar: Shows Job financial running totals
H   Job Overview: View only mode of all your Job details (For full details on each item - see Job Details below)
I    Job Tasks: Compressed view of each task for this Job. Click Task name to expand tab.
J    Create Task Button: Click to create a new task for this Job

Job Details

See below for full details pertaining to H - Job Overview

Contained in this page is:
General Information

   Field Name
    Job Description
   Job description as entered at job setup
   Customer this job is assigned to
   Name of the Customer's Contact
    Customer Order Number
   Customer Order number
   Site name for this job
   Organisation that this job is assigned to
   Reference details as entered on job setup
    Job Status
   The current status of this job
    Job Progress
   Expressed as a percentage complete. Set by Shift report and Job Schedule
    Date Job Created
   The date and time of job creation
    Created by
   Name of person who created this job

Financial Information

    Field Name
   Billing Type
    How this job is charged?
    The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that this job is being costed to
   Financial Tracking
   Comparison Table detailing the set Budget v's Billable rates based on Resource, Materials, Purchases & other, by cost and time

Schedule Information
    Field Name
   Start Date
   Scheduled start date for this job
   End Date
   Scheduled end date for this job

    Field Name
   All Resources assigned to this job - regardless of which task they have been assigned to
   Job Owner
   Name of selected Job Owner

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