The QicWorks Media Library consists or images, video, recording and files that you have uploaded for use within the applications Course and Form Builders.

Click on Business from the main menu, then click on Library.  Click on Media

Media Library

 Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen.
Toggle Page Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width.
C  Filters: Click to expand filters to help search your media library. Search by upload date, last updated date or tags.

New File/Media:Click to upload a new file.
E   Image Library: View and edit your image descriptions.
Deleting this image within the Media Library will make it no longer available for use within your Form or Course Builders.

Adding a File

Click on New File/Media button to upload a new media to your Library

 Document Name: Free text field to enter your documents name.
B  Tags: Enter or select existing tags to help search for this document.
C  Upload File: Drag and drop your file or click to upload from your device.
D  Upload & Close button.

Files need to be smaller than 8MB to prevent long upload times or stalled uploads.

For more information about adding your media files in your Course Builder see: Course Builder: Add Media
For more information about adding your media files to your digital forms see: Form Builder

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