Prefix Codes

Prefix Codes

Each system in QicWorks will have a given ID number so that you can organise and keep track of your business easily. In Prefix Codes settings, you can review these IDs.

Your account settings menu can be accessed at any time by clicking on your personal avatar icon in the top right-hand corner. This drop down will lead you to the  Settings  menu. Alternatively this menu can be accessed via the Main Menu item  Business  and then select  Settings. Prefix codes  forms part of Business Settings submenu.

Manual Override

QicWorks will automatically generate a code for all of your IDs but can be manually overridden to seamlessly integrate with your current job management process.

To override a system generated code, click the checkbox labeled  Yes.


Enter your new prefix. This field should relate to the ID itself. For example,  Invoice ID  is automatically generated to be  IV  but could be changed to  INV  if desired.

Next Number

Enter the starting number for the set of IDs For example, if you are up to Job Number 000123 in your current system, then the Next Number field should be changed accordingly so that all jobs made in QicWorks will continue from this point.

Make sure to click  Save  to apply your changes!

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