Action: Processing Leave

Action: Processing Leave

Leave is managed conduct within Time and Attendance component within QicWorks, by persons with Payroll or Administrator account access.

Leave requests can be entered by or on behalf of individual Users. All leave requests appear within the leave management table.

Click on   Business   from the main menu, then click on   Time and Attendance  and then select   Leave Management   link under the Management Menu

Processing Leave

QicWorks processes leave one of two ways.

1. Manual entry outside of your accounting software
2. Through direct API integration with Xero

Manual Entry of Leave

If you are currently using an accounting package other than Xero, we recommend that you handle all Leave requests as a Task within Job Management. Simply mark these tasks as available and assign resources accordingly that way Users can allocate their time via the QicWorks Time clock, individual or Group Timesheets.

Our most common Leave Tasks include:
  1. Offsite Learning ie TAFE
  2. Annual Leave
  3. Picnic Day
  4. Unpaid Leave
  5. Personal/Carer Leave
  6. Long Service Leave

Using Xero Integration

Prior to commencing Payroll Approval we recommend that you pull all leave applications. This ensures that all requests, as well as current leave balances for personnel are available.

Head over to Time and Attendance, and select Leave Management. Here you will see all leave requests, their current status and details.

General Information


Name of employee requesting leave.


Leave Type

Leave type applied for as set by Leave Types .


Start Date

The first date for your time off.

End Date

The last date of time off. This date period is inclusive.


The total duration of leave.


The current status of your leave request.

Leave Status
Requested - Request has been received and entered in QicWorks
Current - Request has been entered and approved in Xero
Taken - Request has been approved and leave has been taken

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