Profit Report

Profit Report

Similar to the Edit Billable Costs report, the Profit Report compares your Actual and Billable values for each item.  It is a view only report that quickly highlights which items you are possibly undercharging on, as well as those that are profitable. 

Need to update and recalculate historical data?
Quantities and rates for historical time entries, or materials that were added from within the Job's Task, can be edited from within the Edit Billable Costs page. If changed here the changes do not change the original time record ie Timesheets, Timeclock and Shift Reports are not updated.
To update purchase order or expense data you will need to revert the original document to Draft, edit and then reissue.

Need to update future rates?
In order to correct future rates used or existing catelogued materials, you will need to update the respective Pricing Table.
The Actual value used within the Profit Report come from the Net Cost Table and DO NOT include your Overhead allowance.
Click on   Job   from the main menu, then click on   Job Management  . To view a particular job simply click on the  Job Number  from within the Job Management Table. Click on  Financial   from the Navigation menu and then click on  Profit Report  from the Reports menu.

Profit Report

A   Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen
 Page Toggle Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width
Actual v's Billable and Job Details: Details of the Job including percentage complete, plus a breakdown of Actual v's Billable totals and profitability
D   Export Buttons: Click Print icon to Print or click arrow to return back to Job
E   Actual v's Billable Table: See below for details
F   Column Totals   
Click on the blue hyperlinked Task name to view that Task, or the Resource name to view that time entry.

See below for full details pertaining to  E  - Actual v's Billable Cost Table.

Comprising of 
   Field Name
   Date of Transaction
     The Work Breakdown Structure this cost has been assigned to. For further details see:  Work Breakdown Structure
  Task Name and number
  Name of Resource, Item purchased or Material assigned
   How often this cost is incurred or source of entry
 Actual Costs
   Number of units 
   Unit rate that this item is costing you. This value comes from the Pure Cost table based on classification or material, or the order or expense unit value
   Quantity multiplied by Rate
Billable Costs

  Number of units 
  Unit rate that this item is costing you. This value comes from the Pricing table selected within the Task, based on classification or material, or the order or expense unit value
  Value of Quantity multiplied by Rate
  Billable Total minus Actual Total for monetary profit.

  Yellow - unprofitable
  Green - profitable
   Profit as a percentage
Not sure why your Actual Cost Report is showing a zero value at Rate or Total - read our  Trouble Shooting article  to find out why.
For details about your Actual Cost Report see:  Report: Actual Costs 
For details about your Billable Cost Report see  Report: Billable Costs

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