QicWorks allows users to define if they wish to construct a Quote or an Estimate, as well as customise their Quote/Estimate prefixes.

Once approved Users can convert their Quote to Jobs all within a click.

Quote - is a fixed agreement whereby you will provide goods and/or services to your customer at an agreed price. The only way to amend this price is for both parties to agree that there has been a change in scope for which you can claim a variation or have the option to requote all works.

Estimate - is used to provide an approximate cost to undertake the works. Perhaps the scope of work is not well defined or there are several unknown risks associated with the works that you are unable to consider at the time of pricing. Sometimes estimates are used to calculate preliminary costings for a project, with provisions available later to provide fixed pricing.

Budget cost - is the limit of spend that you have been allocated to undertake the works. This pricing situation often occurs when the client asks you to do the most amount of work you can without exhausting their budget.

Quote Status explained!
Draft:     The Quote is in draft mode and has not been released to the Customer yet. 
Issued:    The Quote has been issued to the Customer pending approval to proceed.
Accepted:     The Customer agrees to the Quotes price and terms.
Declined: The Quote has not be accepted/approved by the Customer.
Converted: The Quote has been concerted into a Job.
Expired: The Quotes validity has ended
QicWorks does not push Quotes to any accounting software


Click on  Business  from the main menu, then click on  Quotes.  

Quote Management Table

A     Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen.

  Toggle Page Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width.
C    Message/Chat: Click to view or send messages to other account Users
D    Data Filters: Filter the Quote table by All, Draft, Issued, Accepted, Converted, Declined or Expired. (Default view is All.)
E     Action Menu    Create a New Quote.
    Totals Bar  :   View the current values based on order status of Draft, Issued, Expired & Declined, Accepted and Converted.
G    New Quote button:     Click to create a new Quote.
    Help Icon: Click on the book icon to open page help  .
     Show Entries  :   Change the view settings to Show 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or All entries.
     Export Icons  :   Click respective icon to export table data to pdf, excel, csv files or print. 
    Search:   Click in the Search field and enter search criteria to find selected data from within the Quote Management Table.
    Quote Management Table

Contained in this table is:
General Information

    Field Name
   Quote reference number. This is a unique sequential number. It can be overriden if set under Account Settings. For more information see:  Prefix Codes
     Name of Customer Quote is for
    Quote Name
     Name of Quote
   Date of Quote creation
   Quote Date
   Date of Quote as set
    Valid To
    Date Quote is valid until
    Quote Status
    Amount (excl)
   Total Value of Quote excluding tax
    Amount (incl)
   Total Value of Quote including tax

Qic Tip
Click on any blue hyperlinks within the Quote Management table to open then particular Quote or Customer details.

For information about how to create a new Quote see: Action: Create Quote
For information about converting a Quote to Job see: Action: Convert Quote to Job
For information about converting a Quote to Invoice see: Action: Convert Quote to Invoice
For information about cloning a Quote see: Action: Clone a Quote

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