Report: Billable Costs

Report: Billable Costs

Track your Job profitability using the Billable Cost Report. This report itemises all time and costs that that can be charged to your customer from within the one report .

This report is calculated using the Pricing Table selected and includes any markup set on your Job's expenses and purchase orders to calculate the billable costs to date. The Billable Report is only visible to those with Manager and above access permissions. 

The Billable report then forms the bases for loading and calculating your customer invoices for Rates work.

Your Billable Cost report is available at both Job and individual Task levels.

The values used within the Billable Cost Report come from the Pricing Table, as set within the Task.

Actual Costs at Job Level

Click on   Job   from the main menu, then click on   Job Management  . To view a particular job simply click on the  Job Number  from within the Job Management Table. Then click on  Billable Cost Report  from the Reports menu.

Actual Costs at Task Level

Click on   Job   from the main menu, then click on   Job Management  . To view a particular job simply click on the  Job Number  from within the Job Management Table. From the Navigation men click on View Tasks. Click on the specific  Task Number  from within the Task Table.  Then click on  Billable Cost Report  from the Reports menu.

Billable Cost Report

 Job/Task Details: General details pertaining to this particular Job or Task. Note: the export to excel and print buttons are also located here
B   Job Totals by Category: This report will show you your Job totals based on Resource, Material and Purchases by Quote and Rates
C   Authorised/Unauthorised Totals Totals based on approved or unapproved time entries
D   Data Warnings: Panel for  additional notes or warnings
E    Task Categories: Select/Deselect to filter table. See Task Categories for more information
F     Filters: Click on tabs to sort table by that field
G    Billable Cost Table: Itemised list of all time and cost entries incurred for this Job or Task
H    Authorised/Unauthorised Totals: At base of page for convenience

See below for full details pertaining to  F  - Billable Cost Table.

Comprising of 
   Field Name
   Date of Transaction
   How this entry is costed.
   Q = Quoted Task
   R = Rates Task
   Blank = Costed direct to WBS
    The Work Breakdown Structure this cost has been assigned to. For further details see:  Work Breakdown Structure
   Task Name and number
   Name of Resource, Item purchased or Material assigned
   Reference number and hyperlink of report this cost came from ie Shift Report, Timesheet, Purchase Order or Expense
   How often this cost is incurred
   How this cost is charged ie Normal Time, Time & a Half, Doulble TIme, Double Time & a Half, Custom Rate or No Cost
   Number of units 
   Unit rate that this item is costing you. This value comes from the Pure Cost table based on classification or material, or the         order or expense unit value
   Value of Quantity multiplied by Rate
   Order reference number as entered during Task creation

Not sure why your Actual Cost Report is showing a zero value at Rate or Total - read our  Trouble Shooting article  to find out why.
For details about your Actual Cost Report see:  Report: Actual Costs 

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