Report: Hours Report

Report: Hours Report

Regardless of how you collect time (either by timesheets, timeclock or shift reports), QicWorks shows your time entries by Job, as well as within our central time library. One of the ways that this data is shown is within our Job Hours report. Here you are able to view the total time spent working on this particular job, by classification and charge (ie normal time, time and a half etc). 

Click on  Job  from the main menu, then click on  Job Management . To view a particular job simply click on the Job Number from within the Job Management Table. Then click on Hours Report from the Reports menu.

Hours Report

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B  Page Toggle Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width
C  Export Buttons: Click Print icon to Print or click arrow to return back to Job
D  Job Details: Job number, name and total hours to date
E   Time Totals: Total number of hours to date based on charge type (Normal time, time and a half etc)
F   Task Hours: Total hours based on task and Resource classification

For more information about how to capture time see: Action: Create My Timesheet , Action: Create a Group Timesheet , Action: Create Shift Report  or Time Clock Entries

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