Resources are visible for planning and cost tracking within QicWorks schedule, rosters, timesheets and shift reports. Resource billable rates are set by no charge or hourly rates only.

Resources are the individual names of the items within your labour and/or equipment pool. Resources need to be assigned a Classification to capture their net cost and billable rates.

QicWorks allows labour to be assigned a Classification either within Staff or Resource Tables. Equipment is classified within the Resource Table only.


Resource = John Smith > Classification = Boilermaker Level2
Resource = Barry Jones > Classification = Boilermaker Level2

Resource = Toyota AB12CD > Classification = 5T Truck
Resource = Hino FF23GG > Classification = 5T Truck


Click on  Business  from the main menu, then click on  Settings .  From the Financial Settings menu click on  Cost Management Then click on  Resources  from the Types menu.

Resource Management Table

Manage all your Resources from within the Resource Management table.

 Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen
B   Page Toggle Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width
C   Net Costs Menu: Click View Table to view your Net Cost Table
D   Billing Costs Menu: Click View Tables to view all your Pricing Tables
E   Types Menu: Click to select from Classifications, Resources or Material Management tables
F    Show entries Change the view settings to Show 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or All entries
G    Search:  Click in the Search field and enter search criteria to find data from within the Classifications Management Table
H    Show Active Resources only: Tick to activate
    Resource   Table: Overview of Resource details

Contained in this table is:
 Resource Table

   Field Name
     N ame
    Name of Resource
   Classification assigned to this Resource
   Name of Hiring company for this Resource
    Labour Type
   Status of this Classification Active/Not Active
    Choose from Edit or Delete this Classification

Editing a Resource

1. Click on the Resource name or pencil edit icon under Control.

2. Name of Resource. Mandatory *
3 . Classification: Mandatory * Use dropdown to change this Resources classification
Any changes to Classification will only effect records going forward. Past records will still show original classification.

4. Resource Company: Name of the hiring company
5. Status: Mandatory * Toggle between Not Active/Active
6. Save & Cancel buttons

Don't forget to click Save to save any changes made
For more information on how to assign a Staff member a classification see:  Staff
Want to change a Resource's classification? See:  Can I change the classification of a Resource to suit a job?
For more information about how to create a Classification see:  Net Cost Table

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