Lets Get Scheduling

Lets Get Scheduling

Understand these few things and you will be creating schedules in minutes


Navigating to your Schedule can be under taken one of two ways.

Click on   Job   from the main menu, then click on Job Schedule. Then if required, simply filter by Job Status, Job Number, Supervisor, Job Owner, My Jobs or Assigned resources.

From within your Job 
Click on   Job   from the main menu, then click on Job Management.  Find your Job, and open. Click on Schedule from the Navigation menu and the QicWorks Job Schedule will open showing the details for that Job.

Schedule Overview

To expand your schedule either click on the up and down arrows (A) or double click on your Job Name (B).

Once expanded, your job schedule format will be similar to the following:

A Job bar - Including Job name and duration
B Milestone - Newly created Job Milestone
C Task bar - including Task name and duration
D Predessor arrow to link tasks
E Percentage Complete  

Editing Details

A, B & C - Double click to open and edit Job, Task or Milestone details. To set which fields are visible within the Task popup see Interface Configuration
You can expand or decrease task durations by click and dragging to suit either the start or end of Task.

Job duration is automatically linked to the end time/date of the last Task. Updating the last Tasks end time will automatically update the Job's end time.

D - Click at the end of your task and drag and drop at the start of the follow on task to link the two tasks together.
E - Click on the triangle and drag across the Task to show Task percentage complete

Create a Task within Job Schedule

The QicWorks Schedule is directly linked to your Job Management and Job Planners. This means that not only any changes made within your Schedule is automatically updated throughout QicWorks, but you can also create new Tasks from within your Schedule. To do so click on the 'plus' icon at (A)

Once clicked a Task Details poup will appear for you to populate. Enter details and save.

Reordering Tasks

Tasks can be reordered simply by clicking on the task name (within Job/Task Name column) and dragging and dropping it to its required location. You can not reorder by clicking on the blue Task bar.

Auto Scheduling

QicWorks scheduling has inbuilt smarts that allows you to auto schedule your job based on predecessors set, calendars and constraints.  Simply click on the Auto Scheduling icon (A) and the QicWorks will recalcuate your schedule.

QicTip: Any changes made in your Schedule are automatically update with your Job and Job Planner interfaces.

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