App: Timeclock

App: Timeclock

The QicWorks companion app can be converted into a TimeClock (similar to a bundy clocks.) Simply download the app onto a mobile device and then mount it in your crib room, office or workshop.

When you add Staff members to your account, they are automatically assigned a unique 4 digit pin. (This number is computer generated and can not be changed.)

Should you wish to collect time via the TimeClock, Staff simply need to enter their pin number, then select the job they are working on (if applicable - see: Mobile Application). Once Staff have entered their pin number, their photo is captured to help confirm their attendance. (Photos are stored on QicWorks for 2 weeks, and are then deleted, to ensure User privacy.) 


To have access to the QicWorks TimeClock you must have Mobile App account level or above and be listed as an Active Staff member.
To allocate your time to a particular job - you need to be a listed Resource on that Task.

Converting to Kiosk mode for TimeClock

To convert the companion app into a TimeClock you need access to the administrative pin number. For more information see: Mobile Application.

1. Navigate to the Time menu.
2. Click on Kiosk.

3. Click on the Time Clock - Kiosk Mode toggle to activate.

4. Enter a site location ie Office, Workshop 2, Crib 5. This location is used as part of the SMS notification to notify Staff the location of their visitor.
5. Enter the 4 digit administrative pin number to activate.
6. Click Activate to convert.

Note: The Close button to cancel from this screen and back arrow for backspacing the last numeric entry.

Your TimeClock is now activated.

Entering Time via the TimeClock

Once set to TimeClock mode, your Staff will now be able to clock in and out.

A  Location of Device.
B  Time and Date Details: Time and date as at now.
C  Pin Number Display: Use the pin pad to enter your unique 4 digit pin to clock in/out.
D  Forgot button: Forgotten your pin - no problem. Simply press Forgot and your mobile phone number and your pin will be resent to you via SMS.
E  Backspace: Click to remove the last numeric entry.
F  Admin: Click to convert this mobile device out of TimeClock - Kiosk mode.
G  Visitor Sign IN/Out button: Use to have your visitors register their time on site.

For full details on our Visitor Register, see: App: Visitor Register
For details on where these time entries are saved see: TimeClock Entries and Time and Attendance
To approve time entries see: Time Approval

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