Training Settings

Training Settings

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    • My Training

      My Training is a central place to maintain your training records. Here you can see and complete any outstanding Training Sessions, Upload your Qualifications and Records as well as view details of your training documents (including any images). ...
    • Training Course

      Training courses are used to introduce a new staff member to a company's culture and processes. QIcWorks Compliance model has been designed to allow for targeted training to be issued to staff based on the industry, job role and the seniority of the ...
    • Training Session

      Once your staff member is invited to join your QicWorks account, you will be able to send them their onboarding package (a Training Session) for completion BEFORE they start on site. Simply create a training session, select the courses they are to ...
    • Training Qualifications & Records

      Creating a Qualification record allows user to upload their external training or medical history. Examples of training records is EWP ticket, trade qualifications, site inductions or vacination records. All training documents are named and managed ...