Visitor Register

Visitor Register

Want to know who is on site at any time in the event of an evacuation? Need to keep a register of all your visitors?

Simply set a device up in kiosk mode within your Reception and have your visitors clock in and out. Their details are then recorded within the Visitor Register for printing at any time.

To activate the Visitor register, account owners will need to enter a 4 digit security pin to conver a mobile device to kiosk (Timeclock) mode. At the bottom of the Time clock screen is a Visitor Sign In/Out button. Simply click this button to activate your Visitor Log.
For more information about how to setup your digital visitor register see: APP: Vistor Register
Once your visitor has clocked in and out their time details will be accessible from within the webserver as below.

Click on   Business   from the main menu, then click on   Time and Attendance.   Under View heading select   Visitor Log Entries  . 

  Navigation Breadcrumbs: Click on hyperlinks to jump to that screen.
Toggle Page  Width: Click to increase or decrease the page width.
C   Data Filters: Filter the Time table by Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 days or All time entries. (Default view is to show Last 30 days).
Controls: Copy, Print or export table data to Excel, CSV or PDF .
E   Show Entries Change the view settings to Show 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or All entries.
F   Search:  Click in the Search field and enter search criteria to find selected data from within the Job Table.
G Visitor Register Table.

Contained in this table is:
General Information

   Field Name
    Date visitor was on site
    Sign In/Sign Out
    Clocked in and out times for this visit
    Time duration of visit
    Sign in Location
  T he name of the device that the visitor signed in and out on
    Visitor Name
   Name of Visitor
   Employment company of the Visitor
   Visitor Number
This is the mobile phone number of the Visitor. This phone number is stored and retained within QicWorks and is used as the unique identifier for this Visitor. Upon their next visit the visitor simply enters their mobile number and it QicWorks recalls their details.
  Who Visiting
  Staff member this visitor is seeing on this occasion

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