What happens when I close or complete a Job?

What happens when I close or complete a Job?


What's the difference between a completed job and a closed job?


Job Statuses are a great way to control who can collect and/or manage job data. For a handy visual representation of what modules are visibility based on job status see: Job Status Visibilty.

During the lifecyle of a Job, a job will transverse from

Jobs should be converted to completed once works have been physically completed. This then 'hides' the job from mobile devices, stopping Users with non-financial based roles from adding job costs and times. Once a Job has been marked as Completed, only those with financial or payroll permissions will have access to the job to allocate costs and invoice.

Once the job is issued with a closed status costs can no longer settled against the job or invoices raised.

For more information about setting account permissions see: Access Privileges

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