Whats the difference between account email and business email?

Whats the difference between account email and business email?

What is the difference between the account email and the business email in my Staff profile?


At QicWorks we recognise that many users may have a personal email address that they use to receive their payslips, but a business email address that they use for company related correspondence. THat is why we have implemented an account email and a business email within each Staff members profile.

Account Email - this email address is often pulled from your accounting software and is used as a unique identifier for.  In order to synchronise this users payroll data to your accounting software, QicWorks uses this email and matches  it with the users first and last name to seamless push their time entries for reconciliation.  The account email is also used to by this staff member to log into your QicWorks account.

Business Email - the Business account is used as a contact reference on QicWorks purchase orders, expenses, invoicing and quotes.
For more information about editing Staff details see: Action: Edit Staff Details

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