Where does my expense data go when I push to MYOB Account Right?

Where does my expense data go when I push to MYOB Account Right?


When I send my purchase orders, bills or expenses from QicWorks to MYOB where do they appear?


QicWorks users are able to push their Purchase Orders, Bills and Expenses direct to MYOB for reconciliation. Talk about a great time saver!

Users are able to push these details in an instant (on demand) with their data automatically appearing direct in MYOB under the Purchase Register, in Draft format.  From here MYOB users are able to finalise their purchases ready for reconciliation.

How do I find my Purchase in MYOB?

1. Head over to Purchases and then click on Purchase Register.
Purchases - Purchase Register
2. You will then be presented with ALL purchases in table format. From here click on Order or Open Bills to filter and find your specific entry.

QicWorks Purchase Orders will appear under All and Orders tabs.
QicWorks Bills and Expenses will appear under All and Open Bills tab.

Purchases - Register Filter
3. Click on the line items expansion arrow (left) to then review your purchase details.

What data is pushed across to MYOB?

Example of a Bill

QicWorks will push across the following data, saving you data entry time and duplication:
  1. Purchase/Bill/Expense date
  2. Purchase/Bill/Expense number
  3. Supplier details (inc Invoice number if a bill)
  4. Item details - Quantity, Description, Unit Price,  Discount, Delivery Date, Tax Code, Chart of Account and Category
  5. Inclusive/exclusive of tax
We do not push across QicWorks Job number to the MYOB Job field.
We use the first item's selected Department to populate the MYOB Category.

Still having trouble? 

  1. Check Connection Events to confirm that your purchase order, Bill or Expense was successfully pushed across.
  2. Filter your MYOB data by Open/Draft status
For more information about connecting to MYOB see: Connecting to MYOB
For more information about connection errors to third party software see: Connection Events
Have you seen our FAQ's - MYOB ?

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