Xero API Connection Errors

Xero API Connection Errors

Trigger Error 
Correction Required 
API - Error: Invoice not of valid status for modification 
Error is returned when this particular invoice has been deleted from within Xero. 

There are two options to rectify this: 

1. If you wish to use the same invoice number, you will need to manually create the invoice in Xero. (Xero API does not allow for the same invoice reference number be used if the invoice was deleted in Xero.) 

2. Override the invoice number in QicWorks ie INV-001 now reads INV-001A. This will push the invoice data and attachements to Xero as INV-0001A. 

API - Error: The TaxType code 'OUTPUT' cannot be used with account code 'XXX' 
OUTPUT represents your Tax rate ie OUTPUT - GST on Income, BAS excluded or GST Free Income 

XXX represents the numberic of your Chart of Account code ie 200 - Sales. 

This error appears when the tax code selected on your document (invoice, purchase order, bill, expense, credit notes) does not match the Chart Of Account's tax code in Xero. 


1. Revert your document to draft 

2. Edit the Tax code 

3. Repush. 
Invoice status has error while getting from Xero. - error: invalid_grant 
This error appears when the token (handshake between QicWorks and Xero) has been broken. 


Simply reconnect the applications. 

1. Head over to Business>Settings>Xero 

2. Click on pencil edit icon. 

3. Confirm the Xero account matches the QicWorks organisation 

4. Click Save 

5. If prompted, follow connection instructions. 
API - Error: The line total 123.00 does not match the expected line total of 134.99 
This error is caused due to rounding differing decimal points ie QicWorks set as 4 decimals, but your Xero account is set at 2 decimals. 


1. Confirm that both applications are using the same numbe of decimal points. 

2. Repush document 

API - Error: The TaxType field is mandatory Account code or ID must be specified. 

API - Error: The TaxType code gst does not exist or cannot be used for this type of transaction. 
This error occurs when you have not selected your Chart of Account and Tax rate on your document, but have tried pushing the document to Xero. 


1. Revert your document to draft 

2. Edit the Tax code 

3. Repush. 

API - Error: Xero API error calling GetContacts: ( 
Further information should populate for this error. Based on the details we have, it looks like Xero has been unable to retreive data ie cache or cookies needed to be cleared and reset. 

QicWorks will automatically repush this document as soon as the bug has cleared. 

API - Error: One or more line items must be specified 
The user has tried pushing a document across to Xero that does not contain any line items - that is just header details. 


1. Revert your document to draft 

2. Enter line item specifics 

3. Repush. 

Payrun API - Error: "Individual Name": "Leave type" does not exist in Xero 
The payroll details for this individual includes a leave allocated in QicWorks that is not set up for this individual in Xero. Leave type examples include personal leave, annual leave etc 


1. In Xero, open the Payroll>Employees> "individual name" 

2. On the Leave Tab click on Assign Leave Type 

3. Select and save the correct leave type. 

4. in QicWorks, repush that individuals payroll. 

Payrun API - Error - "Individual Name" has an unapproved time in the pay period. 
This error occurs when the individuals time entries have not been payroll approved within QicWorks, but have tried to be pushed to Xero. 


1. In QicWorks, head over to Business>Time and Attendance> Payroll Approval. 

2. Investigate and correct the entry 

3. Repush 

Payrun API - Error- "Individual Name": A validation exception occurred. 
This error occurs when an individual's time entry in QicWorks appears as "Unknown" but has tried to be pushed to Xero. 


1. Open that individual in QicWorks. Business>Staff>Individual Name 

2. Click to open Payroll Details from Actions menu 

3. Confirm that all pay categories assigned are correct and ticked. 

4. Return to Payroll Approval to confirm "Unknown" is no longer showing. 

5. If you still have "Unknown" then there is a possible problem with the Pay Rule for that task. 

6. Confirm which Pay Rule has been assigned to the specific Task the time has been allocated to. 

7 . Head over the Business>Settings>Financial Settings Menu> Payrule 

8. Review this pay rule and confirm it has the correct Pay categories assigned.  Save 

9. Return to Payroll Approval to confirm "Unknown is no longer showing. 

Timesheet API - Error: "Individual Name" was not found in Xero 
The person you are trying to push payroll data for has not been set up in Xero. 


1. Set this individual up in Xero. Payroll>Employees>Add Employee 

API Error: Xero API 400 error calling CreateInvoiceAttachmentByFileName...
The User has tried to push an invoice or bill across to Xero that contains an illegal character in the file name such as # or - .

Message: The file couldn't be uploaded because it isn't a supported file type.
Remove this attachment, rename and then reattach to document. You will also need to manually upload the attachment into Xero.
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